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App Development With Flutter

App Development using Flutter – Why choose Flutter? We all know there are many excellent platforms for building the apps like Xamarin, React Native, or Ionic but since flutter is launched it has attracted developers in market. So why switch to flutter? Flutter is an open-source mobile application development SDK created by Google. Flutter allows you to build native apps on IOS or Android from a single codebase (i.e. both IOS and android). Flutter is not a framework its complete SDK – Software Development Kit (contains everything you need to build cross platforms) includes rendering engine, readymade widgets, testing & integration API’s, command line tools. Google has made it more adaptable and expressive by adding library of highly scalable widgets. Flutter uses Dart and Dart is primary reason why developer are attracted towards Flutter. Dart is AOT (Ahead of Time) compiled to fast, predictable, native code, which allows almost all of flutter to be written in Dart. Also, Flutter uses OS as canvas to build interface on and moves services such as gestures, rendering and animations into framework itself which gives developers complete control over system. Flutter Architecture Features of Flutter 1) Hot Reload It allows you to instantly rebuild your project as if it was just a web page. You just need to make change in code and click on hot reload; you will see the changes immediately. 2) Fast Development Rich set of customizable widgets to build interfaces. Expressive and Flexible UI 3) No need for XML files Since everything in Flutter is a widget, the layout is also created in Dart. 4) No JavaScript Bridge Dart compiles into native code directly, without the bridge. 5) GPU rendering UI GPU rendering UI that permits it to work on multiple, up-to-date interfaces 6) Flutter Doctor Flutter has a command known as Flutter Doctor that helps to identify the bugs or glitches in the app. 7) Extends Support Google Flutter extends support for setting up and formatting pictures and online videos. This makes the apps more interesting 8) Multiple Packages Have packages for opening images, making HTTP requests, sharing content, storing preferences, accessing sensors Advantages using Flutter 1) Fast coding Due to Hot Reload feature you can modify code and see the effects immediately. 2) One Codebase You can write one code for two platforms (IOS & Android), means less testing. 3) Reactive Framework Modifiable interface by changing variable in state, all changes will be seen in UI. 4) Responsive Interface Developers do not need to update UI contents manually. Once variables are updated, UI changes will be visible automatically. 5) Rich Widgets Flutter has its own widgets which makes easier to work with.

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